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Currently enjoying worldwide recognition and championship success, the AOIFE Irish dancing soft pump is a master of its class.
Choose the INISHFREE Aoife pomp because it
  • Hugs and moulds your foot giving an award winning arch 
  • Short spilt sole allows a really flexible and neat fit, it'll wear like a glove
  • Gives an incredibly professional and slim look with its short and pointed toe
  • Will not hurt and take any time to break in unlike our competitors versions
  • It has a medical green 'Poron' Urethane ball and heel of the foot padding for superior cushioning, shock absorption and breathability 
  • Its full grain leather will give a supple and quality look and increased longetivity 
  • Is made in Ireland, so we can offer a consistent and superior product at an unrivalled and competitive price
The INISHFREE Aoife pump features
  • a unique arched structure 
  • elastic side loops and additional eyelets, a black suede split sole and a high impact "Poron" insoles
Aoife pomp's or split soled pump's are generally favoured by advanced, professional and open dancers. If you are migrating from a full leather outsole pomp please be advised that the Aoife will fit neater and tighter, you want the foot to look slim, pointed and incredibly neat.  Aoife pumps should be worn a size smaller than your street size and remember that all our sizes are in UK sizes. The pump should have no room at the toe and should be pulled up at the heel (very important) before lacing and shaping around the ankle.The fitting of the pump will feel tight initially but the soft and supple leather will stretch slightly.  This is why a lot of really excellent dancers go down 2 sizes.  They will essentially stretch the pomp to the fit and contour of their feet.As with any shoes, remember the fit is always a personal preference. Do however rest assured that at Inishfree we are here to help and guide so if you have any issues contact us directly.


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